nBlog 2012-03-15

GUH-2 genome

Last week, the Nocardia cyriacigeorgica GUH-2 genome is available at NCBI's FTP site. GUH-2 has been isolated at Gifu Univ. (Japan) and energetically studied by Dr. B. L. Beaman. It is no exaggeration to say that GUH-2 is the most studied nocardia strain.

Because of autoannotation, the GUH-2 genome contains many misannotations:

nbt and mbt genes: Despite that GUH-2 does not produce neither nocobactin or mycobactin, NOCYR_0790, NOCYR_0625, NOCYR_0626, NOCYR_0792, NOCYR_0797 and NOCYR_2581 are annotated as nbtG, mbtI, mbtA, mbtE, mbtB and mbtI, respectively.

phosphotransferase: NOCYR_4153 is annotated a putative phosphotransferase and noted "fragment". However, probable start codon is 4,583,305 or 4,583,332.


Thus, the genome information of GUH-2 must be handle with care. However, it would greatly facilitate the understanding of the genus Nocardia.