We thank all people who visited and/or contributed this site. Special thanks to:

Drs. J. Schloendorn and B. Rittmann for testing pNV18 in N. nova and N. cyriacigeorgica.
Dr. D. Bartley for testing pNV18 & pNV19 in N. uniformis subsp. tsuyamanensis ATCC 21806.
Dr. A. Arisawa for cytochrome P450 proteins.
Prof. S. K. Das Gupta for providing pYUB12 containing pAL5000.
Prof. M. Sunairi for a phage protein (nfa505).
Prof. T. Dairi for the information about non-mevalonate pathway (nfa41180).
Prof. S. Pietrokovski for the information about intein.
Prof. H. Ikeda for critical discussion (we're forever discussing:-).
Mrs. F. Saito for expert technical assistance (ordered plasmid library etc.).
Mr. K. Oshima, Ms. K. Furuya, Ms. C. Yoshino, Ms. Y. Yamashita and Ms. A. Nakazawa for genomic sequencing.


This project was funded in part by:
the JSPS Research for the Future Program (2000-2004, No. 00L01411).
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (2005-2009, No. 17019009; 2007-2009, No. 19591196).

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